Gymboree Play & Music


Art 1 (18-24 months)

Focus: Process over product

Where they are:

All children benefit from a space to be creative. Children are eager to explore different mediums, textures, and ways to express themselves.

What to expect in class:

Sculpt with playdough, create a collage, or experiment with different mediums. Build a giant tower with your classmates, and read stories based on our weekly theme!


Physical: Working with different textures supports sensory input, fine motor, and gross motor skills.

Cognitive: Creating your own work supports confidence and problem-solving skills.

Social: Not only are children learning social skills by sharing a work space and creating with others, they are also able to express themselves through another outlet before they have the verbal capacity to do so.

Adults: Get uninterrupted time with your little one; watch them create and play!