Gymboree Play & Music

Gymboree Play & Music Classes

Gymboree Play and Music classes are uniquely and intentionally designed for early childhood development. Through play, your child is challenged physically, socially and cognitively, building crucial skills to support a lifetime of learning. With our program trusted and chosen by millions of families around the world, our expert play leaders support you through 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to play, explore, and learn. Our custom designed curriculum challenges your child as they grow, with changing playscapes and themes every two weeks.



Physical Intelligence


Learning ability


Our teaching environment and teaching aids

Growth and learning planning

According to the characteristics of the baby’s month-old age, Golden Baby has developed a 7-stage growth learning plan for the child, and through core courses and special courses, children at each stage can develop their potential and grow up happily.

Diversified Growth Curriculum System

Gymboree follows the empirical research of the critical period and development milestones of children’s development. Based on the multi-scientific theoretical foundations such as cognitive neurology, child development psychology, and children’s sports and health, it cooperates with global education experts to independently research and develop a multi-growth science early education curriculum system.

Play & Learn 1 ( 0-6 months )

Explore the senses and support visual and auditory development with tummy time, flashlight play, first songs and more. Includes parent discussion time to help learn about your child’s development.

Play & Learn 2 ( 6-10 months )

Learn about cause and effect and build strength through play with ramps, slides and climbers. Includes parent discussion time to help learn about your child’s development.

Play & Learn 3 ( 10-16 months )

Explore two-way communication. Play environments encourage discovery, balance and coordination as parents learn to understand how their child interacts and communicates with them and the world.

Play & Learn 4 ( 16-22 months )

Figure out how the world works and become a competent problem solver through games that uncover patterns and sequences.

Play & Learn 5 ( 22-28 months )

Stretch the imagination through creative play to support symbolic thinking, language development and social interaction.

Play & Learn 6 ( 28-36 months )

Play both independently and with peers while learning to connect ideas through cooperation and communication.

Music 1 ( 6-16 months )

Discover melody, pitch and rhythm while building a repertoire of joyful songs.

Music 2 ( 16-28 months )

Dance and sing to a new musical style each month including Latin, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Classical and more.

Music 3 ( 28 months-5 years )

Express your singing voice and emerging musical knowledge through rhythm, pitch, tempo and musical forms. Parent participation optional.

Art 1 ( 18-24 months )

Discover art hands-on through sculpture, painting, story time, our tactile table and more.

Art 2 ( 24-36 months )

Paint, sing, sculpt, collage and imagine in a uniquely creative space.

Art 3 ( 3-5 years )

Gain confidence in self-expression and artistic exploration through a hands-on, multimedia experience. Parent participation optional.

STEAM ( 3-5 Years )

A multi-disciplinary class designed to introduce your child to engineering, design, art, and math. This S.T.E.A.M. inspired class is great for the young maker and thinker. It takes an active approach to school readiness and maintains our whole-child learning philosophy.

Global Kids ( 24 months – 5 years )

Children will embark on a new globe trekking adventure each week. At each destination, they will explore music, dance, craft and play activities popular in that destination. Each child will receive a Travel Journal to capture the photos, art and developmental milestones visited at each destination. This class is a parent-optional class.

Pre-School Steps ( 2 – 3 years )

Engaging themes like outer space, animals, and bugs continue to foster imagination and allow adults and children to play together, building confidence and trust. Parent/child play time is followed by a gentle separation time where children are engaged by expert teachers in social activities and brain games like puzzles, playdough, and story time. Class ends with celebration and the return of the adults, reminding children that adults always come back!

School Skills ( 3-5 years )

Encourage curiosity and build self-confidence through art, science exploration, play and more. Teachers also read children’s books that explore and nurture key social and emotional skills, engage in activities that require cooperation and self-awareness, and encourage communication with peers.

Includes both independent and group learning activities to promote the important personal and social skills needed for a successful transition into school.

Sports ( 30 months – 5 years )

Encourage healthy habits and a positive attitude toward exercise through fun and physical sports play. Activities are designed to get children engaged in non-competitive interactive games and emphasize flexibility, confidence and emotional well-being to build strong bodies and minds.