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Comprehensive capability development covers eight areas

Complying with the objective laws and characteristics of children’s growth, Gymboree divides 0-3 years old scientifically into 6 month-old ages, passes 8 major areas, 53 evaluation dimensions, 270+ development milestone observation points, and systematically and sustainably tracks and Assess the growth and development of the child.

Learning ability and self-regulation ability

Social and emotional development

Language comprehension and expressive ability

Simple English comprehension and expression ability

Mathematical Thinking and Natural Cognitive Ability

Athletic ability and safety awareness

Ability to adapt to experience and environment

Visual arts and expressive ability

Visit evaluation

Observe and understand the current development status of children in various fields, analyze the reasons, and customize learning and growth plans.

In-class feedback

According to the children’s participation in each class, compare the learning goals set in the curriculum, observe and record the children’s performance, and provide timely feedback.

Stage feedback

Understand the child’s learning development in the eight major areas, discover the child’s abilities, and adjust the next stage of learning programs in a targeted manner.