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Bubble Ooodles with Wand and Tray, 4oz - Starter Pack

What's included in Bubble Ooodles Starter Pack?

1 bottle of Bubble Ooodles (4 oz.)* Our one-of-a-kind bubble wand blows tiny bubbles from one end or large bubble from the other. Spill-proof tray. *Our special long-lasting Bubble Ooodles solution is non-toxic and cleans up with ease. For ages 3 and up.
Hey teachers! Flip the Bubbles Ooodles spill-proof tray over and you’ve got the perfect storage holder for your wand and bubble bottle! This is a great feature during class — simply set the Bubble Ooodles and wand in the holder between lessons!

Buy more than one Bubble Ooodles Starter Pack for classrooms, birthday parties and events!

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