Gymboree Play & Music


School Skills (3-5 years)

Focus: An independent program to build literacy, confidence and social skills needed for kindergarten and beyond.

Where they are:

Children are ready to embark on a classroom experience without their adults by their side. They are ready to develop early literacy skills; collaborate and negotiate with their peers; and learn ways to communicate, cooperate and play together.

What to expect in class:

A playful twist on a traditional preschool/pre-k class. Children will develop the fundamental skills necessary for reading and writing as we explore letter recognition, phonics, sight words, spelling, and comprehension. They will build social skills during Gathering Time, while exploring the day’s fun and imaginative theme, and during Show and Share. Children will learn decision-making skills and build fine motor skills during our station play, and expand their creativity through art. The learning will extend to the home with printable “Literacy Kits”, with letter and theme-based worksheets. We will help prepare them for a lifetime love of school, classrooms, and learning.


Physical: As a play-based program, children will continue to develop their gross-motor skills through movement games, free play, and team-building activities.

Cognitive: Build foundational literacy skills, nurture imagination and creativity, and practice problem-solving.

Social: Build key social skills and self-confidence needed for kindergarten and beyond.